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welcome, friends!

save the goombay

clear the water

a new green turtle

dollars and sense

We believe in the modern shoppers who have a deeper interest in where their money goes; with so much overcrowded noise online these days, our buyer is more thoughtful about their purchases, more caring about their causes, and better educated about their travels. 

We have intently listened to our island visitors, who now more than ever are eager for avenues to give back to worthy, reputable, and local causes, but might not know how... The Johnnie Cake strives to connect those who come and care with the many do gooders here making all the difference.


the johnnie cake

Creating awareness and a culture of caring for all who visit any one of these alluring 700 islands.. starting right here in the heart of the archipelago's need, Great Abaco.


What's Next?

The Johnnie Cake has some exciting changes coming soon - follow along with us to find out what's next...